Autistic does not equal shy!

I am autistic, no one that I know would describe me as shy though. As long as I am not overstimulated I adore people. If I see that mommy likes you I will run right up to you and give you a big smile.It does not matter if you know me or not. The problem is, what do I do next? I want to be your friend and I know that I have to say hi but I am not so sure what to do next. So if I run up to you smiling and you want to be my friend please help me out. Try to stick to simple cues like extend your hand out to me for me to hold or shake, and give me a big excited "hi Courtney". I promise you, I am worth the effort!!

Stimming, you do it too.

Stimming (self stimulation) helps me to manage anxiety, fear, anger, boredom and other negative emotions. I also stim to help myself handle overwhelming sensory input (to much noise, light, heat, etc). Believe it or not you do it too. If you have ever tapped your pencil on your desk or touched your lip while you where thinking, bitten your nails or rubbed your arms when you are afraid, or paced the floor while you are having an intense conversation you have stimmed.

Regression is not only in speech

 I had a huge signing vocabulary. I knew and used about 300 signs until I was around 18 months old. Than One day it was like I just forgot them all. I stopped signing altogether. Autistic children often have a speech regression. We will talk normally until one day we just stop. Mommy knew about speech regression but she did not know that ANY type of communication regression is a very big red flag.

Vocal stimming

 Vocal stimming is just like other stimming. I do it to manage negative feelings. I really don't like answering questions, its hard for me. So if you meet me and I am making funny sounds I am just trying to calm myself down.

Autism and the iPad

I am a visual thinker. It is hard for me to understand spoken language. I understand much better when you can show me what you are trying to tell me, and I can sometimes explain things to you if I have a way to show you. This is why I like my iPad so much. Its all pictures, and its very easy for me to use because its touch screen. They have some very neat apps made just for kids with autism like me. These app are helping me learn to recognize emotions, helping me practice interacting with other people, giving me new phrases to use, helping me develop fine motor skills, teaching me color, number and letter recognition and I have been able to show mommy and daddy lots of things that I have been knowing but have not been able to tell them about.
Thank you so much to my friends and family that helped me get my iPad. Laura, Courtney (big Courtney), Janie and Katie, Samantha, Aunt Toot and uncle Shomp, Granny and Papa, Michelle and Angela. Your names are engraved on the back of my iPad so that I will remember every time that I see it that you helped me get it.  A site with videos of  app that are useful to children with special needs.
The founder of the site also helps other special needs kids get Ipads. Thank you Mr Gary James for pointing mommy in the direction of an iPad  and for all of the good that you do for kids like me.

What is your name?

 This is something that mommy is worried about. You can ask me a million times "What is your name" in a million different ways and I will not answer you unless you know exactly how to ask me. You have to show me what you mean. "My name is mommy. What is your name." I have a tag that we put on my shoe and a temporary tattoo with mommy's phone number on it that I wear for big events. That way if we get separated another mommy can find my phone number and get me back to my family.